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Do you fancy a cultural and educational day out?  Near to our holiday parks you will find a large number of museums for young and old. Which museums do you fancy the most?

  1. Mijnmuseum
  2. C-mine expeditie
  3. Brouwerijmuseum in Bocholt
  4. Domein Bokrijk in Genk
  5. Europlanetarium in Genk
  6. Nationaal Jenevermuseum in Hasselt
  7. Stedelijk Modemuseum in Hasselt
  8. Stedelijk Museum Stellingwerff-Waerdenhof (art and history) in Hasselt
  9. Museactron (medical science, archaeology) in Maaseik
  10. Gallo-Romeins Museum in Tongeren
  11. Rijtuigmuseum in Bree
  12. Oorlogsbunker WO II in Bilzen
  13. Beiaardmuseum in Hasselt
  14. Kerkschat St. - Catharinakerk in Maaseik

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